“You may enter as a customer, but we hope that you leave as a friend.”


History: My passion

My grandmother would take me outside, and she and I would gather sticks, leaves, pinecones, grasses, flowers, etc. Then when we would go back into the house, she would lay everything on the table, hand me a soup can, a coffee mug, or an oatmeal container and ask me to make her something pretty. Because of her, my creativity bloomed. I have literally been designing flowers for as long as I can remember.
The book “A Time for flowers” was always at her house. It is an old story about two grandchildren that wanted so badly to go to the floral market with Papa but were told they were too young. Then one day, they happened to be hiding in a floral truck when Papa left for the market. They saw all the beautiful flowers at the market and Papa was upset, but not angry. He was most concerned about their safety.
I have been in the medical field, and when that changed, life happened. I decided to go back to my roots in creativity. Branching out and opening my own business was scary but I have always been creative and doing something I love is a blessing of never actually working a single day.

About Theresa

Theresa is very active in the community. She is a Rotarian and involved with the American Legion auxiliary. For the holidays she likes to be Mrs. Clause and in the spring she is the Easter bunny.


Time for Flowers strives to make itself synonymous with flowers. We endeavor to make every occasion beautifully memorable by presenting each flower in the best possible way to each consumer, wherever they may be.
I grew up hearing the old adage, stop and smell the roses and I truly believe that one should take the time to not only smell the roses, but to also play amongst them.
I believe that we never know what may grow until we plant the seed. My grandmother installed her love of flowers unto me by introducing me to their beauty and allowing me to create.
You may enter as a customer, but we hope that you leave as a friend.

Our store is not like any other floral shop that you will step foot in.

 We offer a vintage atmosphere that is warm and inviting. It’s a friendly environment where you can just stop by and visit with a friend. 

We also have antique venders upstairs to complete your unique shopping experience!